Shipping policy

Delivery days:

The shipping date is listed on the product page.

Shipping fee

[In Japan]

・Nationwide uniform 2,000 yen (tax included)

[Outside Japan]

・We do not currently support it.

Overseas shipping

I'm sorry, but we are not currently shipping overseas. It will be shipped to Japan.

Overseas shipping is scheduled to be handled sequentially.

We do not deal with international shipping.

We plan to offer international shipping in the future.

About specifying the delivery date and time

I'm sorry, but you can't specify the delivery date and time.

We will deliver it sequentially as soon as the product is ready.

If the delivery address is not available

If the delivery address is not available, the carrier will post the absentee ballot and contact you from the delivery address to respond.

Basically, even after 7 days have passed since posting the absentee ballot, if the delivery address is not available, we will return the product to the source.

If you are absent and you can't deliver the product at the discretion of the carrier and return it, you will have to bear the shipping fee for redelivery, so please receive it as much as possible.